Friday, August 13, 2010

Undergrad research symposium

Today was the undergrad research symposium. Before I went to any of the presentations, I worked some more on my intern presentation. I made some changes to my presentation, and added a picture of a galaxy and an energy state diagram. I will need to e-mail Dr. Robinson about diagrams of some absroption lines, and for data.

The presentations I went to were Chris Mullarkey's, Becky Moore's, and Adam Podell. Chris Mullarkey was my undergrad who I was working with, and I understood all the different things he was talking about. Also, there was my name on the presentation, which I thought was cool.
Becky's presentation was about the coronnal mass ejections from the sun to the earth. This was cool to learn about. It was interesting to see.
Then, I finally saw this presentation on the effects of varying growth conditions on indium-arsenide quantum dots. This presentation was much more professional and advanced than I expected. This presentation was of interest to me, and he talked about growing InAs on a GaAs substrate, and because of different lattice constants, there was tension build-up, so the InAs formed dots on the GaAs, which allowed less tension in the crystal. The presentation was advanced, but really interesting.

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