Wednesday, August 11, 2010


well, in two days is the Undergrad symposium, which I think I am not going to present at, and next Friday is the intern presentations. Today, I was stuck trying to put data from excel onto a scatter plot that could be interpreted. So, I first had to make sure equivalent width values for the iron VII and iron X were not negative, which I finally got to work after using the H-alpha continuum height instead of the iron continuum height. Once, I got them all to be positive, I was only able to make one graph of iron VII EW v. BL luminosity. After we got back from our trip to the Eastman House, which was pretty cool to look at and tour, I finished making graphs of the
Fe VII/X EW v. BL luminosity, and Fe VII/X luminosity v. BL luminosity. The graphs do look somewhat good, although I'm not sure if we will be able to see any significant trends.

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